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Pursuit of Complete Knowledge

Never before has humanity known so much about the world in which we live. Yet never before have we faced challenges of such unparalleled magnitude and complexity, which defy solution by existing knowledge. We have greater power of control and mastery over the forces of physical nature, but there is an increasing sense of powerlessness. Never before has humanity possessed so much power – power to interact, communicate, educate, prolong life, entertain and enjoy. Yet never before has the distribution of social power and its fruits been as uneven and inequitable as it is today. A comprehensive research by Garry Jacobs, on the evolution of mind and civilization traces the stages of mental evolution in prehistoric times, the Hellenic period, rule of the Empirical Science, Intellectual Impact and more. 
In his article, A Brief History of Mind and Civilization, Mr. Jacobs notes that the crises confronting civilization today are rooted in the way we use our minds – in the way we think . He explores all the faculty of thinking, and the characteristics of the various types of thinking human beings have developed for the pursuit of knowledge . Complete knowledge is power to accomplish without negative consequences or side-effectsOpen your mind to a higher way of knowing in the pursuit of complete knowledge. 
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What is this course all about?

This transdisciplinary course will explore the powers of mind, thinking and creativity in search of ways to enhance and more effectively harness their remarkable capacities for the advance of human civilization and culture. It will examine the central role of knowledge in human progress, the different types of thinking that have developed and their impact on our knowledge of the world, the social and psychological factors that influence the way we think, the explicit and implicit factors that shape our ideas and beliefs, the role of creative thinking in scientific discovery, the influence of science on the development of mind, the character of creative thinking and how it can be fostered, the need for deeper integration of knowledge within and across disciplines, the relationship between mind and its faculties, limits to what can be known by rationality, other ways of knowing reality, and the implications of all of these findings for the future of education.


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